Bionics: At the crossroads of Biotechnology and Information Technologies

Venue: Italian Institute of Culture Bródy Sándor u. 8,

1088 Budapest


Time: October 31, 2013

A meeting organized in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Bionics is a broad area of innovative technologies emerging from the synergies of information technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology, with rapidly growing markets in the biomedical area. In the last years, the Politecnico di Torino and the Faculty of Information Technology of Pázmány University in Budapest have been jointly organizing a series of workshops in this area, with subjects ranging from Cellular Wave Computing to Lab-on-a-Chip technologies. At the initiative of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Unitá per la Cooperazione Scientifica e Technologica), the Italian Institute of Culture will host the Bionics meeting as a a part of a lecture series organized within the framework of the Year of Italo-Hungarian Cultural Exchange. The International Centre of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering of Trieste will join the event presenting biotech cooperation in an international setting. The workshop aims to stimulate discussions in order to define the priorities in this area for the next years, as well as to promote scientific cooperation between Italy and Hungary in this emerging technological area.

Prof. Tamás Roska
Professor, Pázmány University
and Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Prof. Marco Gilli
Politecnico di Torino

Prof. Pongor Sándor
Professor, Pázmany University
Academia Europaea and
Hungarian Academy of Sciences

List of speakers:
Prof. Fernando Corinto, Torino
Prof. Carlo Ricciardi, Torino
Dr. Kristóf Iván, Budapest
Prof. Francisco E. Baralle, Trieste
Prof. Mauro Giacca, Trieste
Prof. Alessandro Marcello, Trieste
Prof. Sándor Pongor, Trieste-Budapest
Prof. Pier Paolo Civalleri, Torino
Prof. Árpád Csurgay, Budapest
Prof. Tamás Roska, Budapest
Prof. Marco Gilli, Torino
Prof Péter Szolgay, Budapest
Prof. Mario Biey, Torino


The event is planned as a one-day workshop at the Italian Institute of Culture in Budapest, and will consist of short presentations. Part of the audience will include the students and researchers of Pázmány University.

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